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  • Unending Love

    25, Mar 2017

    By Admin

    Unending Love

    By Modupe Awe   Life is a journey. We begin this journey the moment we are born. We are not at liberty to choose our family neither can we decide the day and time of our birth. We do not get to pick what religion we want to be born into, neither can we choose the socio-economic class we prefer. As babies, we rely solely on our parents / guardians to take care of us and attend to our needs. We can do nothing when it comes to fending for ourselves. As we grow older, we begin to take on more responsibility for ourselves and those around us. Sometimes we get to choose who and what require our time and energy. There are a few times when we aren’t granted that luxury. There is a special group of people who fall into this category, we call them Mothers. Growing up, my mom was who I looked up to for everything. I saw her as my shield, my provider; ‘MOM’ meant all I couldn’t do for myself will be done by her. She probably had a choice whether or not to take care of me, she just did regardless. I recall when I was in Uni, she would stop by and surprise me at school. Those moments were special. One incidence that proved how much of a mommy’s girl I was am, was the day I had to travel to Abia State, Nigeria for Orientation (NYSC). I practically cried, not being able to phantom I was going away possibly for one year in a foreign state (thank God I was redeployed!). The months leading up to my wedding got me thinking hard. How was I going to leave my mom? Who was going to take care of me and vice versa? Who was I going to gist with? How was I going to sleep without her by my side? (I did sleep on her bed till the night before my wedding BTW). Thankfully I had my baby nine months after, which meant she had to come live with us for a while! After all, her baby had just had a baby! I recall how much she did for me during this period. Even though she couldn’t stop me from falling into Post-Partum Psychosis, I cannot imagine how I would have coped without her. She assumed her role as a mother and grand-mother and did/ still does so to the best of her abilities. This has made me realize that the work of a mom never ends (at least not until death). A mom is a superhero – I know this because mine is.  Just as we do not get to choose our families, mothers do not get to choose their children but they love in spite of and their love keeps us going. This is dedicated to all Mothers and Mothers-to-be. We appreciate and love you! You are so special, awarded with the hardest task of all – raising a generation. Happy Mother’s Day!!! May your days be filled with Joy, Love and Peace.     About Writer: Modupe Awe is a Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Writer, Blogger, Adwoman, Social Media Manager, basically a bag of talents. She finds joy in building her home and working in the Ad industry in Nigeria. She blogs at Find her on Instagram - @chronologiebymo where she posts quotes that inspire and motivate. Three Generations! My mom, my baby and I

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  • My Motherhood Journey

    14, Mar 2017

    By Admin

    My Motherhood Journey

    By Modupe Awe Motherhood has taught me a lot. I have learned to love, learned to share, learned to care, learned to sacrifice, learned to cry, learned to forgive. I recall the months leading up to the delivery of my daughter, I pondered on what kind of mom I’d be. The permissive type? The strict type? So many of my friends had always told me about how strict of a mom I’d be. This kind of got into my head as I took pride in values and culture. So I hoped in the Lord that he’ll show me the way. I thought of my husband, thankfully he compliments me. Surely he will be the softer side of me in this journey. Reality hit the first few hours I spent with my little one. All the strictness in me melted. My baby was over 4kg and look every inch adorable. In the blood and pain I was left to tend to her even in the early hours of her stay on earth. I admit, it was not love at first sight. The love I feel grew deeper by the minute. Now I find myself being the permissive type, throwing all my guards away for my 2nd true love. Allowing my husband take the strict role seemed like the best thing to do. She has captivated my heart so badly that I find myself doing the opposite of what I’ll usually do. Now she’s 2+ and ever so active. I already find myself praying for her husband. How quirky is that? I never imagined how sprung I’d be on her. Looking for a suitable preschool for September has been a spiritual warfare. Never have I been so finicky, trying to ensure I get something right. One thing I can state plainly that I do understand is I can never do this without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Thinking back to the days when she was tiny and had a flu, who gave me the courage to handle her? Deciding to drop her off at the crèche when she was barely four months, who gave me the strength? As much love as I feel for this child of mine, I have come to realize that God loves her even more. He has designed her path for the best and I, the vessel unto honor to help her get to her destination. Here is to all the mothers and mothers to be out there, you are not alone. No one knows how it feels unless they walk in your shoes. No one understands unless they’ve been there. We can only try to be each other’s cheer leaders! Cheers!   About the Writer Modupe Awe is a Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Writer, Blogger, Adwoman, Social Media Manager, basically a bag of talents. She finds joy in building her home and working in the Ad industry in Nigeria. She blogs at Find her on Instagram - @chronologiebymo where she posts quotes that inspire and motivate.  

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  • Working mums vs Stay-at-home mums

    28, Feb 2017

    By Admin

    Working mums vs Stay-at-home mums

    Most mums would happily work part time if it was possible. Since our employment laws have yet to evolve, mums in Nigeria have to choose between working and staying at home. The debate of working mums vs stay at home mums cannot be exhaustively discussed in one blog post. This post is about why mums chose to work. Things have long changed from the way they were decades ago. Many of us do not have families living close to us to help us with childcare like it was in the good old days. These arguments surface whenever there is news about an unfortunate family whose nanny absconded with the children (kidnap for ransom).  You find people asking questions such as “why can’t women just stay home and raise their children instead of chasing careers?”, “your career and your children which is more important?” on social media. The school of thought that mums should raise their children themselves and not leave their child/children in a nursey or with a nanny while they dance off to God knows where along with the guilting of working mothers is really absurd. Argument in favour of mums returning to work after maternity leave or mums finding work after having their baby; 1.   Returning to work will ensure you keep your job and career. You will be unemployable if you have been absent from the employment scene from the time your first child was born to the time your last child sets off to boarding school. Some people would argue that you can “start business” failing to consider that not everyone is wired for entrepreneurship. 2.   Returning to work means that if your husband is no longer able to provide for you for any reason (ill health, loss of business, redundancy, divorce or death) you and your children will not be homeless. 3.   Single mothers have to work because they are the sole providers for themselves and their children. 4.   By working you will be contributing to your family’s finances. Two sources of income in the present economy will ease a lot of financial strains. 5.   When your kids are grown you then have all the years of experience to soar in your career. You will not be beginning a graduate entry role job which is the level you will likely be starting at if you are lucky enough to get a job. 6.   Working means that your brain gets a break from nappies and children. You get to interact with other adults. Your children will benefit from a well-rounded mother and husband will benefit from a well-rounded wife. This is not criticizing stay at home mums. Maybe your family is wealthy and you have chosen to stay at home to raise your kids or maybe you’re just from an average family but still put your career on hold to raise your kids, it’s alright. It is your choice. You made the best decision for your family as every family is different. Just as a working mom made the best decision for her family and decided to keep working. To be honest most women would rather stay at home to raise their kids, but the financial risk is too great. It is really hard juggling work and children so working moms need all the encouragement they can get. The secret to a successful, sane working mum is fantastic childcare. Weather you choose to go with a professonal nanny or a nursery/crèche that offers wrap around care.        

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  • The danger in getting an underage nanny.

    03, Feb 2017

    By Admin

    The danger in getting an underage nanny.

      It is common to see parents across Nigeria with underage domestic help. These young girls have duties ranging from babysitting to house chores. Not only is this against child labour laws it is very dangerous. Simply put, a child cannot care for another child. A girl of under 16 will not know how to protect your children. She will not know what to do in case of an emergency. You will not be comfortable to leave them alone with your children which defeats the aim of having a nanny.  Most parents get these girls from agents or their families promising to put them through primary and/or secondary school. The question is, how is a such a young person expected to babysit children, complete her house chores and still have time to study in order to keep her grades up in school? When she repeatedly gets poor grades, her employers pull her out of school because they don’t want to keep wasting tuition fees on someone who isn’t interested in school. It doesn’t occur to them or if it does they don’t care that her workload both academic and house chores is simply too much for her. It is not legal or morally right to subject an underage girl to these conditions but it happens every day. We will not go into the physical, mental and emotional abuse some of these unlucky girls go through. When looking for someone to care for your children especially when you would also like that same person to take on some house chores its always best and safe to go with an adult who can safely care and protect your children in your absence. It is best to have a trained nanny whose job only is to care for your children so they recieve quality childcare.    

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  • Childcare in Nigeria Made Easy

    05, Jan 2017

    By Admin

    Childcare in Nigeria Made Easy

        1. What is is Nigeria’s first childcare search site. An online community for parents and childcare providers in Nigeria. 2. How is useful to me as a parent? If you are a parent in Nigeria looking for a nanny for your children, simply search and browse through listed profiles of individuals looking for nanny jobs in your area. If you come across a profile you are interested in, simply send the person a message asking if they are still available and if they would be interested in attending an interview for your nanny vacancy. If the person replies and says they are interested, schedule an interview where you can find out more about the person. See our safety centre for tips on how to conduct interviews with potential nannies. On the other hand if you do not see any profile you liked, simply create a parent profile advertising your nanny job. People looking for nanny jobs in your area can contact you by sending you a message through our secure messaging system indicating their interest in the job. You can then go through their profiles and see if their profile has interested you enough to invite them for an interview. If you like their profile, you then schedule an interview. For security reasons only fully registered users can send messages to other people on our website. 3. How is useful to me as a nanny? If you are a nanny looking for a nanny job, or you are new to childcare and would like to start working as a nanny in Nigeria, simply search and browse through listed profiles of parents who have advertised nanny jobs in your area. If you come across a profile you are interested in, simply send the parent a message indicating your interest in the nanny job. Invite them to have a look at your profile. If the parent likes your profile they will invite you for an interview. Prepare for your interview because you have one chance of making a good impression. See our for tips on how to prepare and attend interview with potential employers. 4. How is useful to a nursery school or crèche? Listing your nursery, crèche, preschool or daycare on will help parents looking for your services in your location easily find you when they search for nurseries/creche by location. On you will be found by parents who would otherwise not have found out about you. Grow your business on 5. How is our Job Board ( useful to nurseries and EYFS establishments? Our niche job board is exclusively for nursery staff recruitment. Your job ads will reach relevant candidates, ensuring you receive qualified applicants to shortlist for interviews making you fill your vacancy faster. Being a niche job board means that visitors to our job board are people genuinely interested in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) jobs. Reducing irrevelant applications. 6. How is our Job Board ( useful to Nursery teachers and other Nursery staff? Our niche job board is exclusively for nursery jobs adverts. If you are looking for or interested in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) jobs such as; • Early years teacher • Nursery teacher • EYFS support staff • Crèche Minder • Nursery Minder • Nursery Manager • Nursery Administrator • Nursery cook • Montessori teacher You have a higher chance of finding the right job on our website. Being a niche EYFS job board only these kinds of jobs will be advertised on our job board. 7. Is useful to training providers? Make your services known to your audience. By listing your services on our website, training providers who provide courses for childcare providers i.e. Certificate in Childcare, Nanny Training or other childcare training will expose their business to their target audience who are the parents and audience that visit our website daily. See our page for answers to common questions. It is absolutely FREE to register on Click the link and join us today  

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