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Childcare over the Christmas Holiday

“Tis the season to be jolly, la la la la la la la la la”. And it is also the season for your nanny to go on holiday. Cue in the scary sound tract effect “dun dun duuunnnn”

The holiday is upon us and most likely your nanny will be going on holiday (should go on holiday because she has her own family). So how do you cope without the childcare help you’re used? Here are a few tips;

  • Finish your Christmas shopping before your nanny leaves for holiday.

  • Ensure everything the children need to start school in the New Year is ready.

  • Prep most of your cooking as much as possible, i.e., blend the tomatoes for the jollof rice and stews, chop up and pack the meats as you would want to use.

  • Arrange for a cleaner to come once or twice to clean up the house.

  • Spend Christmas with extended family members who can help with food preparation and occasional babysitting. This will come in handy if you and/or your spouse will be working over Christmas.

  • Have a contingency childcare plan in case your nanny doesn’t resume work on time after the New Year’s or doesn’t comeback at all.

  • Most importantly, mentally prepare yourself to feed, entertain, bath and clean up after your kids. It will make it easier on you.

Fingers crossed, your nanny comes back to work after the holidays. Alternatively if you have little kids, there are daycares and crèches open over the holiday. If you want childcare over the Christmas holidays this is an option.

Let us know your childcare plans over the holiday.