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The danger in getting an underage nanny.


It is common to see parents across Nigeria with underage domestic help. These young girls have duties ranging from babysitting to house chores. Not only is this against child labour laws it is very dangerous. Simply put, a child cannot care for another child. A girl of under 16 will not know how to protect your children. She will not know what to do in case of an emergency. You will not be comfortable to leave them alone with your children which defeats the aim of having a nanny. 

Most parents get these girls from agents or their families promising to put them through primary and/or secondary school. The question is, how is a such a young person expected to babysit children, complete her house chores and still have time to study in order to keep her grades up in school?

When she repeatedly gets poor grades, her employers pull her out of school because they don’t want to keep wasting tuition fees on someone who isn’t interested in school. It doesn’t occur to them or if it does they don’t care that her workload both academic and house chores is simply too much for her.

It is not legal or morally right to subject an underage girl to these conditions but it happens every day. We will not go into the physical, mental and emotional abuse some of these unlucky girls go through.

When looking for someone to care for your children especially when you would also like that same person to take on some house chores its always best and safe to go with an adult who can safely care and protect your children in your absence. It is best to have a trained nanny whose job only is to care for your children so they recieve quality childcare.