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Unending Love

By Modupe Awe


Life is a journey. We begin this journey the moment we are born.

We are not at liberty to choose our family neither can we decide the day and time of our birth. We do not get to pick what religion we want to be born into, neither can we choose the socio-economic class we prefer.

As babies, we rely solely on our parents / guardians to take care of us and attend to our needs. We can do nothing when it comes to fending for ourselves.

As we grow older, we begin to take on more responsibility for ourselves and those around us.

Sometimes we get to choose who and what require our time and energy. There are a few times when we aren’t granted that luxury. There is a special group of people who fall into this category, we call them Mothers.

Growing up, my mom was who I looked up to for everything. I saw her as my shield, my provider; ‘MOM’ meant all I couldn’t do for myself will be done by her. She probably had a choice whether or not to take care of me, she just did regardless.

I recall when I was in Uni, she would stop by and surprise me at school. Those moments were special. One incidence that proved how much of a mommy’s girl I was am, was the day I had to travel to Abia State, Nigeria for Orientation (NYSC). I practically cried, not being able to phantom I was going away possibly for one year in a foreign state (thank God I was redeployed!).

The months leading up to my wedding got me thinking hard.

How was I going to leave my mom? Who was going to take care of me and vice versa? Who was I going to gist with? How was I going to sleep without her by my side? (I did sleep on her bed till the night before my wedding BTW). Thankfully I had my baby nine months after, which meant she had to come live with us for a while! After all, her baby had just had a baby!

I recall how much she did for me during this period. Even though she couldn’t stop me from falling into Post-Partum Psychosis, I cannot imagine how I would have coped without her. She assumed her role as a mother and grand-mother and did/ still does so to the best of her abilities.

This has made me realize that the work of a mom never ends (at least not until death).

A mom is a superhero – I know this because mine is.  Just as we do not get to choose our families, mothers do not get to choose their children but they love in spite of and their love keeps us going.

This is dedicated to all Mothers and Mothers-to-be.

We appreciate and love you! You are so special, awarded with the hardest task of all – raising a generation.

Happy Mother’s Day!!! May your days be filled with Joy, Love and Peace.



About Writer:

Modupe Awe is a Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Writer, Blogger, Adwoman, Social Media Manager, basically a bag of talents. She finds joy in building her home and working in the Ad industry in Nigeria. She blogs at

Find her on Instagram - @chronologiebymo where she posts quotes that inspire and motivate.

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