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Whether you’re a parent looking to employ a childcare provider or a childcare provider applying for a job, offers tips to help you stay safe every step of the way.

Profile Safety

At we are committed to helping all of our users stay safe. It is not possible for us to check and verify every user that registers on our website, which is why we strongly emphasize that parents thoroughly check the identity and references of any childcare provider they choose to use their services. Also childcare providers e.g. childminder’s must be cautious about inviting parents to visit them in their homes.

We take online safety very seriously. Information put on this website is available for public view. Therefore we advice users to be cautious about how much personal and family information they share on their profiles.  As part of registering your profile you will need to provide your address and mobile number. However they will not be visible to other users. Only you can see it on your profile when you are logged in. Please do not include your address, place of work, children’s names or where they school on your profile. Encryption technology, anti-virus protection, firewalls and other appropriate security systems are in place to help us ensure our member information remains safe and secure.




Meeting Safely

We strongly emphasize safety precautions when meeting for the first time. Childcare providers please let a family member or friend know you have gone to meet with a potential employer and how long you will be. Give them details of who you have gone to meet as much as possible. When you have finished meeting/interviewing with the potential employer and have left, let them know that you have left. It is not safe for childcare providers to accept a job from anyone they have not met in person.

Parents are advised not to hire anyone they have not properly checked their identity and vetted.

Identity and Reference Checks

We strongly emphasize that parents carry out identity checks and reference checks on childcare providers before leaving them with their children.

Please remember that cannot verify the references, qualifications, and information provided by registered childcare providers. Please see our disclaimer page.

Likewise, childcare providers should carry out their own checks on parents and their families before inviting them into their home, (this applies to childminders who offer childcare services from their homes). Always inform a family member or friend of where you are going and how long you are likely to be if they have arranged an interview with a parent.

How to carry out ID checks on your nanny

We cannot emphasise enough the need to carry out ID and reference checks on your prospective nanny. It is the key to mitigating the chances of having a bad. Many parents are aware of these steps and many are not;

  • Check ID documents to ensure she is who she says she is. Make photocopies of ID documents. Keep safely.
  • Verify her address. Speak to neighbours to ensure she lives there. (covertly if possible)
  • Speak to her employers from previous jobs.
  • Ask her to provide a guarantor. Preferable someone who works with the government, a civil servant. Meet with the guarantor to make sure they are happy to act as guarantor on her behalf. Carry out ID checks on the guarantor. Make photocopies of guarantors ID and keep safely. Make sure you know where the guarantor lives.
  • Take profile photos of the nanny and keep safely.
  • Finally, carry out medical checks (with her consent) to determine fitness to work.

If all checks out and you’re happy, then your nanny is ready to resume her new job. This is just a guide to help rule out people with known criminal history. There is no guarantee that you will not have a bad experience with your nanny whether you sourced them from an agent or website. Most importantly keep trusting your instincts.



Password Safety

Please do not share your log in details and passwords with anyone. We advise members to keep their passwords safe. If you lose or misplace your password, you can use our online password reset service to change it quickly and easily. We take password sharing seriously and will terminate any account if a password is shared or misused.

Beware of Scammers

Childcarer providers if a job offer looks ‘too good to be true’ e.g. very good fee or advance payment is offered, then it probably is. We advise you to be cautious.


Members please report any profile or message to us that has offensive and inappropriate content. Each profile contains a report button so members can easily and immediately report any profile that gives them concern or email us  We will deactivate the account of any user without warning if found to be acting in an inappropriate or abusive manner.

Review Users

Parents can give public review sharing their experience about a care provider they used. This promotes safety as it allows parents voice any concerns about a particular care provider. While at the same time ensuring high quality care providers are recommended. Care providers can also share their experience of working with a parent.